17 Personalized Glass Gifts

Whether you are gift-shopping to celebrate a birthday, holiday, promotion, or other exciting life events, we know you’re looking for a memorable gift that they’ll treasure forever. At PrestigeHaus, we take pride in bringing you only the best products made of the finest materials by our master craftsmen. They coax the best out of premium wood, glass, leather, and more to create unforgettable works of art. You can rely on us to deliver high-quality pristine gifts, every time.

To help you in your search, we’ve put together this curated list of some of our favorite personalized glass gifts. Check out our recommendations below!

Square Decanter Sets

Personalized Glass Gifts - Square Decanters

Classically shaped and expertly engraved to your specifications, our mouthblown square decanters make excellent personalized glass gifts. They’re perfectly sized to fit a full fifth of liquor, so your recipient can simply decant it and forget it. Capped with a ground glass airtight stopper, your liquor is kept fresh and pure from air and debris. Best of all, we’ve added two complementing glasses to each square decanter to complete the set!

Take, for instance, this beautiful monogrammed set. Featuring your recipient’s first initial in a bold font and their full name set within it, the matching ten-ounce whiskey tumblers really make the whole thing pop.

Our artisans have had a great time coming up with all kinds of interesting engravings, like this bull vs bear market engraving for the finance-minded. With room for up to four lines of your own personalized text, this is a great personalized gift for the stocks-obsessed.

Or perhaps you need to buy an impressive gift for a hunter. Consider our mallard duck decanter set, which also has space for four lines of your custom text. What about the golfer in your life? Peruse our many golf-themed square engraved decanters, each containing space to further customize for that special touch.

And don’t forget: while the sets come with two generously-sized whiskey glasses, you can add two or four more matching glasses at checkout.

Mounted Decanters

Mounted Decanters

Our master craftsmen have worked diligently to coax the absolute best from the finest materials and bring you exquisite works of art. Our mounted decanters come in a variety of styles to suit any hobby, lifestyle, or interest. Like our square decanters, they’re made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass. This means the glass is safe, durable, and brilliantly shiny. Each of the decanters also comes with a ground-glass airtight stopper to keep your liquor fresh and pure.

We take as much care in crafting the bases as we do with the glassware. Each wooden base is crafted from the oak of various finishes or acacia wood by our American artisans in Kentucky. You can rely on these bases to faithfully uphold their duty of keeping the decanter safe and secure. Looking to go the extra mile? Add a stainless steel plaque with your own personalized message to the wood base.

One of our most popular mounted decanters is the Cullinan Diamond, modeled after the largest gem-quality diamond ever found. This stunning 1000ml decanter brings style and sophistication to any space. Add matching diamond-shaped glasses at checkout for a knockout gift.

Have a friend who likes to walk on the wild side? This motorcyclist decanter will take their breath away. The impeccably crafted and meticulously detailed motorcycle set within the decanter is truly something you have to see for yourself. A whopping 1150ml, this decanter is a real showstopper. It comes fitted with a leak-free spigot for easy pouring.

We take pride in providing dozens of military-themed personalized glass gifts, including a whole suite of military decanters to honor those that have served. The emblems inside the globe-etched decanters are intricately handcrafted by our glassblowers. If you’re shopping for an active-duty member of our armed forces or a veteran, peruse our collection of military-inspired treasures for a truly unforgettable gift.

For you Fantasy Football enthusiasts, our artisans have come up with a really cool trophy decanter you won’t want to miss. First, the football-shaped decanter has been mouthblown to uncannily resemble a football – right down to the laces and texture of the ball. It’s mounted on a wooden base with room for multiple plaques denoting champions of each year. Lastly, and here’s the real kicker: the base has been tricked out with an LED light to illuminate the glass football. You can choose to illuminate the trophy in white light to shine on your favorite liquor or you can choose a color to represent your favorite team.



We’re not just in the decanter game. Our glassware is also unparalleled in quality and design. We offer all kinds of glass styles, from whiskey tumblers to beer mugs, all made of lead-free borosilicate glass and etched in-house.

Check out some of our favorite personalized glass gifts for dads, such as:

●     This Dad Off Duty pint glass, which comes in a set of two

●     Or this set of two Established beer mugs that are customized to reflect the dates his children were born

●     Maybe whiskey is more his style. In that case, our My Dad, My Hero ten-ounce whiskey glasses are a heartfelt present he’ll want to use every day

We also carry other personalized glassware, such as this fancy monogrammed set of two whiskey tumblers featuring your recipient’s initials in a beautiful script. Looking for something with a little more gravitas? These initial-and-inset-name glasses will do the trick. These classic and customized glasses elevate every drinking experience. The quality and care we’ve poured into each of our designs are unmistakable.

And what about newlyweds? These beautiful champagne flutes are a must-have for the couple that just got hitched. They feature a gold-hammered band separating the glass flute from the nickel-plated stem. A modern gift, they come engraved with the couples’ names and their wedding date.


While some may argue a full bar is never truly complete, it’s definitely not just a collection of decanters and glassware. You need accessories, too!

One way to encourage creativity in a budding mixologist is with our liquor infuser (available in copper or silver finishes). This is a fun and easy way to conjure up new cocktail creations at home. Simply place an ingredient, like herbs, spices, fruit, or more in the filter before filling the glass reservoir with your chosen liquor. Allow it to steep for as long as you desire, and voila! A brand new infused drink!

Maybe your recipient prefers their drinks straight. A fun set of shot glasses is the answer! With frosted glass and multiple text colors to choose from, these shot glasses are beautiful and fully customizable. You can also choose between a number of preset trendy sayings, logos, or designs to help make your vision come to life.

Wine drinkers know that sometimes, no matter how hard they try, they’re not finishing that bottle. They need reliable bottle stoppers – and they may as well be beautiful! Our holiday-themed glass bottle stoppers are such a festive and useful gift. The handcrafted works of art depict represent Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Each one is an eye-catching way to accent a wine bottle!

What do you think of our personalized glass gifts?