17 Gifts to Celebrate the Marine in Your Life

Semper Fi! Hoorah! If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give to the selfless and brave Marine in your life, we’ve got the perfect list for you. Our list of United States Marine Corps Gifts has something for everyone whether they are active duty or veterans.

1. Engraved Marine Emblem Decanter Set

Nothing shows that you care more for a Marine Corps member than by supporting them in all aspects of their lives, even in the smallest details. Our Engraved Marine Decanter Set is an awesome way for you or your loved one to display the pride that you share in the Marine Corps and those who serve. This set includes a square, borosilicate glass decanter as well as two shot glasses, both etched with the USMC symbol, and room for lines of custom text.

Marine Corps Gifts Engraved - Marines Emblem Decanter Set

2. Marine Corps Leather Can/ Bottle Koozie

Keep your favorite Marines drink icy cold while their hands stay comfortable with our second gift on our list. Our Marine Corps Leather Can/ Bottle Koozie is unlike any koozie they’ve ever used before. This koozie is made using top-grain, oil-tanned leather sourced right here in the USA. The leather is lined with neoprene, which keeps the cold contained in the can or bottle inside of it.

Marine Corps Gifts - Elegant Marine Corps Leather Koozie

3. EGA Marine Corps Ashtray

Does the Marine in your life appreciate an evening of simple pleasures and indulgences like a glass of whiskey and a fragrant cigar? If so, they will love our 3rd gift on this list. Our EGA Marine Corps Ashtray is more than just a place to ash your cigar, it is a work of art. It is crafted using genuine hardwood by master woodworkers and features the Marine Corps Symbol as its centerpiece.

Marine Corps Gifts - Stunning EGA Marine Corps Cigar Ashtray

4. USMC Emblem Round Bar Sign

If the Marine Corps Member in your life spends their off time in their at-home bar, then they will need our 4th gift for sure! Our USMC Emblem Round Bar Sign is a stunning piece of décor that truly adds that extra something special to the home bar’s wall. The acacia wood sign is sealed for comfort and longevity, as well as making it even more durable and scratch resistant. Add your loved one’s name or their favorite USMC motto for a personal touch.

Marine Corps Gifts - Engraved USMC Emblem Round Bar Sign

5. USMC Murphy Bar

Does your Marine face the dilemma of an at-home bar’s worth amount of beverages and accessories, but does not have the at-home bar to keep it all in? Then they will love our USMC Murphy Bar. This stunning murphy bar is made to hang on the wall for optimum storage space. Behind the American Flag door that proudly displays the USMC Logo, there are different shaped storage spaces to beautifully and securely hold all of their favorite bar accouterments.

Marine Corps Gifts - Beautiful USMC Murphy Bar

6. Marine Corps Bottle Opener

Everyone loses their bottle openers from time to time. Ensure that the Marine in your life never loses his or her with our Marine Corps Bottle Opener. This wall-mounted opener is made using the finest Sapele wood material. The bottom of the opener is carved with the USMC Emblem so that they can show their Semper Fi Spirit wherever they are.

Marine Corps Gifts - Stunning USMC Bullet Bottle Opener

7. Marine Semper Fidelis Canvas Adjustable Hat

Not only will your Marine be displaying his or her pride in their branch of the armed forces, but they will also be doing so in style with our 7th pick on the list. The Marine Semper Fidelis Canvas Adjustable Hat is a one size fits all cap made with 100% cotton canvas. This forest green hat comes embossed with a stunning leather patch featuring a Marine Corps Design.

Marine Corps Gifts - Marines Semper Fidelis Canvas Adjustable Hat Camel

8. Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Bar Tray

Our 8th gift on the list is the perfect present for the Marine in your life who loves hosting parties and having guests over for drinks. Our Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Bar Tray is a classically designed, acacia wood bar tray that has been smoothed and sealed for comfort and longevity. This tray features two built-in handles for serving ease, and at the center of the tray is a stunning carving of the USMC Eagle Globe and Anchor.

Marine Corps Gifts - Engraved Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Bar Tray

9. Marine Corps Engraved Exquisite Whiskey Glass Set

Gift your loved one that “ahh” moment of relaxation after a long day serving our country with our 9th gift on the list. Our Marine Corps Engraved Exquisite Whiskey Glass Set is made to accommodate your whiskey no matter how you take it. The glasses are made using thick and durable borosilicate glass that is always 100% lead-free. The glasses come beautifully etched with the USMC emblem to display your Marine Corps Pride.

Marine Corps Gifts - Exquisite USMC Whiskey Glass

10. Marine Corps Bullet Bottle Opener

The Marine in your life will never forget his or her bottle opener again with our spectacular Marine Corps Bullet Bottle Opener. This unique, bullet-shaped design features the USMC Emblem beautifully etched onto it. This bottle opener is 100% made in the USA, so it is a purchase that you can truly feel confident in making. The Marine or Marine veteran in question will think about you every time they pop open one of their favorite beverages!

 Marine Corps Gifts - Stunning USMC Bullet Bottle Opener

11. Marine Corps Wooden Mug

Our 11th gift on the list is a unique and memorable gift that your loved one will cherish for years to come. Our Marine Corps Wooden Mug is made to resemble a beer mug you may have found while sitting in an old tavern in days gone by. This one-of-a-kind piece features the US Marine Corps Insignia on the bottom so the Semper Fi Spirit never goes unnoticed!

Marine Corps Gifts - One-of-a-kind Marine Wooden Mug

12. USMC Semper Fidelis Coaster Set

The Marine in your life may not think that he or she needs custom, classically designed coasters. Their mind will certainly change when they receive this stunning Semper Fidelis Coaster Set. This set of four coasters is made using naturally beautiful acacia wood that is both liquid and scratch resistant. The coasters are carved by our master craftsmen with the USMC Semper Fidelis emblem.

Marine Corps Gifts - Stunning USMC Semper Fidelis Coasters

13. the USA Great Seal Whiskey Glass

This whiskey glass is not your ordinary whiskey glass, it is downright extraordinary. We take our classic whiskey glasses and wrap them in top-grain, oil-tanned leather. The leather is proudly sourced in the USA and features a silver-colored USA Great Seal. The leather wrap acts as insulation to keep the whiskey inside at the desired temperature.

Marine Corps Gifts - Quality USA Great Seal

14. Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Bar Tray

Our Eagle Globe and Anchor USMC Bar Tray are more than a tray to serve drinks or to hold your valuable items, it is a work of handmade, USA Sourced, art. The tray is made with naturally beautiful acacia wood. Because this tray is made with acacia wood, you are supporting renewable forestry, as acacia is a very fast-growing tree, which Prestige Haus replants to keep our country beautiful.

Marine Corps Gifts - USMC Wooden Bar Tray

15. Marine Corps Pint Glass Set

If the Marine in your life enjoys kicking back and relaxing with an ice-cold beer at the end of the day, then our Marine Corps Pint Glass Set is a great gift for him or her. These pint glasses are perfect for whichever beer they choose, whether it be an IPA, Stout, or Lager, this glass makes the ideal vessel. They are made with thick and durable borosilicate glass that has been etched in-house with the Marine Corps Logo by our master craftsmen.

Marine Corps Gifts - Perfect Marine Corps Pint Glass

16. US Marines Vintage Military Poster

Home décor doesn’t always have to be flashy or in your face. Sometimes, the simplest, more traditional style of artwork really makes a room pop. The Marine in your life will love this US Marines Vintage Military Poster. This piece features a vintage Marine Corps Recruitment poster that has been digitally restored. This poster comes in multiple sizes, to perfectly fit their office or home bar!

Marine Corps Gifts - Vintage US Marine Poster

17. US Marine Corps Decanter Set

Our final gift on the list is the ultimate when it comes to Marine Themed barware and glassware. This decanter is made using hand-blown glass and features a glass figurine of the USMC Eagle and Globe. The decanter holds up to 1000ml of their favorite liquor or wine and sits effortlessly on a hardwood base that is crafted in Kentucky. The set also includes 4 of our best-selling spinning globe whiskey glasses.

Marine Corps Gifts - Classy US Marine Corps Bourbon Decanter Set

We hope our list of gifts for the US Marine Corps Member in your life has given you some inspiration on your journey to find the perfect gift. These gifts are not only a treasure that they can keep for a lifetime, they are tangible ways of displaying your pride and love for the service member close to you.