Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers

Bourbon is a strictly American-made whisky with strict guidelines and rich history. Its flavor profile consists of smoky notes of vanilla, oak, and caramel. As is with all types of whiskies, bourbon has an almost cult-like following. Its fans can’t get enough of the subtly sweet but smoky and warm flavors in every sip. If you’re looking for a gift to impress the bourbon fanatic in your life, look no further than our list of 17 Gifts for Bourbon Drinkers.

1. The Aficionado Whiskey Glass

The second most important part of drinking bourbon is the glass. Impress the bourbon drinker in your life with The Aficionado Whiskey Glass. This glass is curved similarly to a Glencairn glass to act as the perfect vessel for the perfect glass of bourbon. All glass from Prestige Haus is made from 100% Lead-Free Glass that is highly durable, so it is definitely a purchase that you can feel confident in making.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Aficionado Whiskey Glass

2. Bourbon Bar Coasters

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your friend or family member who just loves talking about bourbon, this gift may be perfect for them. The Bourbon Bar Coasters are the perfect way for guests and hosts of the party to initiate a conversation about everyone’s favorite topic, bourbon. These coasters are made from sturdy and liquid-resistant acacia wood. Their perfect 4x4 inch size makes them perfect for protecting your furniture from any time of glass.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Customize Bourbon Bar Coasters

3. American Flag Design Engraved Decanter Set

One of the most imperative requirements for bourbon is that it is made right here in the United States of America. Show your pride in the country responsible for creating your favorite beverage with our American Flag Design Engraved Decanter Set. This decanter set is made with the thickest and most sturdy lead-free glass. The decanter itself is made with an airtight seal to ensure that your bourbon is safe and secure.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - American Flag Design Decanter

4. Prestige Classic Rocks Glasses

Your bourbon-loving friend will appreciate the simple yet efficient nature of our number 4 pick. Our Prestige Classic Rocks Glasses This set of two glasses makes the perfect vessel for their favorite on-the-rocks beverage, most especially bourbon. These glasses are durably made and 100% lead-free for a worry-free moment of enjoyment. They will truly savor the moment with every sip of these classically designed glasses.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Classic Rocks Glasses

5. Farmhouse Jar Whiskey Glass

Farmhouse decor is all the rage right now in interior design. If your friend or family member is a fan of bourbon but does not want to compromise on their interior design when it comes to glasses and dishware, then this Farmhouse Jar Whiskey Glass may be the perfect addition to their glassware collection. These glasses are made from extremely durable, 100% lead-free glass for years of worry-free usage for all.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Farmhouse Jar Whiskey Glass

6. 50 Best Bourbons Scratch-Off Poster

This handmade and personalized poster is perfect for the bourbon lover in your life who likes a bit of adventure. Each time they try a new bourbon, they scratch it off of the poster, similar to a lottery ticket. This is both a stylish and practical way to keep track of all of the different types of bourbons they’ve tried in the past and maybe give them some inspiration to try new bourbons too!

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - 50 Best Bourbons Scratch Off Poster

7. Bourbon Decanter with Bourbon Checklist

Cross off all of their boxes with this beautiful Bourbon Decanter with Bourbon Checklist. This sturdy, all-glass decanter is perfect for the serious bourbon drinker in your life. The airtight spout seals in the bourbon to keep it perfectly preserved and in the best condition at all times. The decanter is appropriately sized to fit a full fifth of their favorite bourbon, and it looks great doing it too!

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Bourbon Decanter with Checklist

8. Fancy Initial Decanter Set

Give your loved one the gift of personalized luxury. This decanter set perfectly embodies the mood that you want to convey for your friend or family member while they’re enjoying a delicious glass of bourbon: luxurious, personal, at the moment. This set comes with both a decanter and personalized glasses. The font of the monogram is etched onto the glass, not painted, to maintain the integrity of the design for years to come.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Fancy Initial Decanter Set

9. Collins Orange Twists in Syrup

If you’re looking to go with a more affordable gift for the bourbon lover in your life. Look no further than our number 9 pick. This 10-ounce jar of Collins Orange Twists is the perfect gift for an Old Fashioned aficionado. These twists are an easy way to up the aesthetic appeal of any cocktail, adding just a bit of brightness and sweetness to any drink. Your loved one will definitely appreciate the convenience of having these garnishes at the ready!

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Collins Orange Twist in Syrup Cocktail Garnish
10. Bourbon Walk of Fame Star Coasters

Your loved one deserves a star on the Walk of fame. Give them the next best thing with our Bourbon Walk of Fame Star Coasters. This set of 4 coasters comes engraved with a Walk of fame star and a bourbon barrel. The acacia wood coasters add a bit of rustic décor while protecting their furniture. Not only are these coasters a great way to preserve the quality of your furniture, but they are also a conversation piece as well!

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Bourbon Wall of Fame Star Coasters
11. Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder

Our Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder is the perfect gift for those who enjoy a glass of bourbon amongst friends. This stunning flight holder holds three glasses at one time. The flight holder itself is made from a reclaimed barrel stave wood that was previously used in Kentucky’s Bourbon Distilleries and California Wine Distilleries. Because the wood itself is reclaimed, each holder is completely unique in look and style while never faltering on quality. Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Barrel Stave Whiskey Glass Flight Holder

12. Engraved Slate Barrel Shaped Tag

Even the most seasoned bourbon drinkers can have a difficult time telling their beverages apart after they have poured them into decanters. Take the guesswork out of drinking with our Engraved Slate Barrel Shaped Tag. This sturdy and customizable tag is the perfect size at 2 3/4 x 2 inches. We love this one in particular as it's already labeled for bourbon, but Prestige Haus offers the option to customize it even further with a name or phrase of your choice.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Engraved Slate Barrel Shaped Tag
13. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Opulence. Prestige. Glamour. All of these words come to mind when describing our number 13 pick. The Cullinan M Diamond Decanter is truly a special gift for the bourbon drinker in your life. This 1000ml, diamond-shaped decanter made from the sturdiest of glass sits on top of a wooden base (your choice of natural, espresso, or prestige-styled oak.) for a stand-out piece that will be sure to have their guests talking.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Cullinan Diamond Shaped Decanter
14. The Connoisseur Whiskey Glass

Give the gift of practicality with our number 14 gift on the list. The Connoisseur Whiskey Glass is the perfect glass for the bourbon lover in your life. These glasses are made with thick, durable, lead-free glass to ensure the safety and quality of your bourbon. The style, craftsmanship, and feel of these glasses will be an impressive addition to any glassware collection. These made-in-the-USA glasses are guaranteed to arrive at your door unsmashed and ready to gift to your loved one.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Connoisseur Whiskey Glass
15. Atlas - Bearer of Worldly Spirits Decanter

If you’re looking to give a gift to someone who has been through the wringer lately, who has truly bared the weight of the world on their shoulders, then we highly suggest our number 15 pick on the list. Our Atlas-Bearer of Worldly Spirits Decanter is a perfect vessel for small-batch bourbon reserved for taking a load off, kicking back, and relaxing. The base of this beautiful decanter features a bronze-inspired atlas statue bearing a hand-blown glass decanter in the shape of the earth. A truly classic piece to enhance a moment of glorious relaxation.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Atlas Bearer Worldly Spirits Decanter
16. 51% Corn Bourbon Decanter Design

One of the most important requirements in producing bourbon is that the mash is made from at least 51% corn. This tongue-in-cheek decanter proudly displays your loved one’s knowledge of bourbon right on their decanter. This beautiful glass decanter is made to hold a fifth of their favorite small batch of bourbon. Best of all, Prestige Haus plants one tree per every decanter purchased, so you can feel confident that you’re not only giving a gift to a friend but a gift to the environment as well.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Bourbon Decanter 51 Corn
17. Barrel Glasses

Our final pick on the list is the perfect addition to any bourbon drinker’s glass collection. Our Barrel Glasses are heavy-bottomed glasses, meticulously hand-crafted into the shape of a bourbon barrel. These glasses are made using 100% lead-free glass, so they are perfect for daily usage. They are created with beautiful and intricate details that will be admired by anyone using them as a vessel for their favorite beverage.

Gifts For Bourbon Drinkers - Barrel Glasses

Even if you are not a fan of bourbon or simply not an expert when it comes to bourbon, taking the time to learn a bit about your loved one’s favorite beverage shows them that you truly care about buying them the perfect gift. The bourbon drinker in your life will most definitely appreciate the time and effort you took when researching and personalizing your new favorite bourbon-related present. Which item from our list is your favorite?