Amazing 10th Anniversary Gifts

It’s a feat worth celebrating: ten years together! The lucky couple deserves a truly standout 10th-anniversary gift. With so many options out there, how do you find the right way to honor their commitment?

At PrestigeHaus, we pride ourselves on empowering our artisans with the best in raw materials to create unique, showstopping gifts that will thrill your recipients. From glittering decanters to expertly engraved bar trays, we have everything you need to amaze them on their 10th anniversary. Save yourself the hassle of sifting through pages of Google searches and instead entrust us with this important anniversary. We won’t let you down!

Here’s our curated list of seventeen favorite 10th-anniversary gifts!


1. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

No one likes a watered-down drink. Swap out melting, diluting ice for these granite whiskey stones! Odorless, tasteless, and with gently rounded edges for glass safety, these stones will perfectly chill your drinks without watering them down. Simply place the stones in the freezer for a few hours on the included wooden storage tray and use them in place of ice. They clean easily and are an eco-friendly way to cool any beverage to your desired temperature. Comes with two glass whiskey tumblers.

Perfect 10th Anniversary Gifts - Beautiful Whiskey Stones Gift Set

2. Barrel Stave Flight Rack

Experiences always make great gifts. It’s even better if it’s an experience the happy couple can enjoy together! Gift them this one-of-a-kind barrel stave flight rack crafted from reclaimed bourbon- and wine-barrel staves. It’s then accented by galvanized steel from the hoops. The flight rack perfectly houses three Glencairn glasses, which are the classic whiskey-tasting vessel. Enjoy three different expressions of whiskey side by side as a fun bonding activity. When not in use, the flight rack looks great on a buffet, kitchen table, sideboard, or wherever else could use a little sprucing up in their home!

Perfect 10th Anniversary Gifts – One-of-a-Kind Barrel Stave Flight Rack

3. Charging Bull Decanter

Ten years together takes passion and determination. Bring their devotion to life with this stunning charging bull decanter. Made of mouthblown clear and colored glass by our talented artisans, the bull stands at the ready to defend what’s his. The bull boasts a 1000ml capacity, so there’s plenty of room for their favorite spirits that are then safely guarded against impurities with an airtight stopper. What an unforgettable 10th-anniversary gift!

Best 10th Anniversary Gifts - Stunning Charging Bull Decanter

4. Spirits Infuser

Spice up their evenings with this creative spirits infuser. No more spending their hard-earned money on overpriced cocktails in crowded bars! Now, they can make their own bespoke, delicious cocktail creations with this easy-to-use infuser. They’ll simply place an ingredient, such as herbs, spices, fruits, or more in the filter before filling the reservoir with their liquor of choice. Allow the two to meld their flavors together and serve in the comfort of their own home! Also available in copper.

Functional 10th Anniversary Gifts - Beautiful Silver Spirit Infusers

5. Cocktail Set

Here’s another chance for that dynamic duo to create delicious professional-grade cocktails together at home! This beautiful cocktail set has everything they’ll need to whip up martinis, make Old Fashioneds, and muddle mint for mojitos. The set includes a stainless steel Boston shaker, a Hawthorne strainer, a jigger, and a solid wood muddler. Crafted in collaboration with world-renowned brand Fortessa. What’s more, the whole set looks great on a bar cart or kitchen counter!

Functional 10th Anniversary Gifts - Crafthouse Cocktail Shaker Set

6. Diamond-Shaped Wine Stoppers

While it’ll still be a while before they hit the Diamond Anniversary, these diamond-shaped wine stoppers are still an excellent 10th-anniversary gift! Handcrafted by our master artisans of lead-free borosilicate glass, these gorgeous jewel-like stoppers are a beautiful way to save an opened bottle of wine for an extra day or two. They’re perfectly equipped to keep air from destroying the wine early. Why settle for boring wine stoppers when these exquisitely unique ones exist?

Best 10th Anniversary Gifts - Elegant Glass Diamond Wine Stopper

7. Tomoka Gold Decanter

Here’s a beautiful way for them to display their favorite spirit alongside a little American history lesson! The Tomoka Gold was a rum-running ship that had great success during the Prohibition era, transporting liquor from the Bahamas to the American east coast in defiance of federal law. Our homage to this ship holds over a full fifth of their favorite bottle in its depths, complete with an intricately detailed recreation of the ship in the glass. Comes fitted with an airtight stopper and leak-free spigot for easy serving.

Best 10th Anniversary Gifts - Stunning Charging Bull Decanter

8. Personalized Barrel-Themed Bar Tray

Customized gifts are always in style. Celebrate their 10th anniversary with a masterfully made bar tray engraved with their names and town. Handcrafted of water- and stain-resistant acacia wood, each tray is unique. It’s a useful and beautiful gift, capable of displaying bottles and decanters, serving cocktails, or organizing small daily items like mail, sunglasses, and car keys. They’ll love your thoughtfulness and think of you every time they use it!

Wooden 10th Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Barrel Bar Tray

9. Compact Bar Cart

Help them keep all their bottles, decanters, and bar tools organized with this compact bar cart. Made of sustainable acacia wood and welded steel, it’s a sturdy and attractive cart that can be wheeled from room to room with ease. They’ll never have to hunt between cabinets, drawers, and shelves for all their bar equipment again! Its compact design tucks into a corner easily, saving space and looking great doing it. Need something with more storage? Check out our large bar cart instead.

 Unique 10th Anniversary Gifts - Prestige Bar Cart

10. Infinity Bottle

Some folks like to create their own whiskey blends at home, measuring out pours from various bottles and combining them into one infinity bottle like this one. Unlike other infinity bottles, though, ours is handcrafted of lead-free borosilicate glass and then engraved with creative designs. With a 900ml capacity, it holds more than a standard fifth, giving you plenty of room to play around with different mixes. Comes with an airtight stopper that keeps the spirit fresh and pure.

Unique 10th Anniversary Gifts - Sturdy Infinity Bottle Decanter

11. Etched Globe Decanter

A heartfelt 10th-anniversary gift illustrates just what the two of them mean to each other. Our globe decanter personifies how they’re each other’s world. Mouthblown of lead-free borosilicate glass and then engraved with all seven continents, it’s a beautifully and thoughtfully made decanter. It is sturdily mounted on a handcrafted wooden base and can gently spin, like the earth on its axis. They can store a full fifth of their favorite spirit in its depths and rely on the airtight stopper to keep it fresh and pure.

Perfect 10th Anniversary Gifts – Best-Selling Pythagoras Globe Decanter

12. Spinning Globe Rocks Glasses (Set of Two)

If you want to make the etched globe decanter above even more special add on these incredibly detailed spinning globe rocks glasses! Made of 100% lead-free borosilicate glass and engraved by our master artisans, they’re a gorgeous accompaniment or a stand-alone conversation starter of a gift! With durable rims and a clever design, they’re built for frequent use and can hold all kinds of beverages easily. You can even add two or four more matching glasses at checkout for an expanded set!

Perfect 10th Anniversary Gifts - Exquisite Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses

13. Personalized Whiskey Glasses (Set of Two)

Give them whiskey tumblers they’ll want to use for everything! This set of two whiskey glasses is personalized with their last name set within a boldly engraved first letter of their surname. A classic and stylish gift, these glasses hold a generous ten-ounce pour so they can be used for a variety of drinks, not just whiskey. And just like the happy couple, this is a duo that’s built to last.

Perfect 10th Anniversary Gifts - Personalized Whiskey Glass with Last Name

14. Curated Flights

They’ll never expect a curated flight of their favorite wine on their 10th anniversary! Stand out from the crowd with a six-pack red wine flight or a flight that expertly pairs wine and chocolate together. Maybe they’re itching for a European trip – look no further than a flight of Italian and French wines to satisfy their travel bug! Are they adventurous? Then they need the Uncommon Grapes flight, complete with eight bottles of non-traditional (and delicious!) wines. With so many options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the right flight to make their anniversary special.


15. Customized Home Coaster Set

Help them keep their wood furnishings in tip-top shape with these gorgeously handcrafted acacia wood coasters. Made of sustainable wood that is naturally water-resistant, these personalized coasters will protect their furniture from damaging watermarks and bring some sophistication to their home. Let our artisans know the couple’s state and address and they’ll do the rest. It’s a hand-cut, carved, and engraved present that they’ll use daily.

10th Anniversary Gifts - Unique House Warming Coasters

16. Zebrawood Ashtray

Some couples enjoy relaxing together with a nice cigar. Far too often, ashtrays are ugly necessities that folks want to hide away. Not so with our zebrawood ashtray! Handcrafted of exotic zebrawood, our artisans have set an eye-catching cabochon stone in the center of the generously-sized bowl for added flair. They also included four grooves to hold cigars so they can smoke together or include a couple more stogie enthusiasts in their plans.

Wooden 10th Anniversary Gifts - Premium Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

17. King and Queen Whiskey Glasses

For ten years and counting, they’ve been each other’s king and queen. A wonderful 10th-anniversary gift is one that reminds them that they are royalty, even if it’s just in their own house! This king and queen whiskey glass set are made of mouthblown lead-free borosilicate glass, so it’s durable and gleaming. It’s then engraved with ‘king’ and ‘queen’ as well as playful crowns. At ten ounces, they’re perfect for daily use – whiskey, lemonade, and cocktails are all welcome in these glasses!

Best 10th Anniversary Gifts – Eye-Grabbing King and Queen Whiskey Glasses

Which of these 10th-anniversary gifts will the lucky couple in your life love most?