10th Year Anniversary Gifts to Celebrate the Love of a Lifetime

The 10 year wedding anniversary is truly a momentous occasion for all couples, and definitely a momentous occasion that is worth of celebration! The traditional material for gifts for the 10 year wedding anniversary is tin, to symbolize the strength and resilience of marriage. However, the more modern 10th anniversary gift is a diamond. So, if you’re looking for a 10 year anniversary gift that maybe is a bit more visually appealing than tin, and a bit less expensive than a new diamond ring, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will provide a curated list of 19 10 Year Anniversary Gifts.

1. Cullinan M Diamond Decanter

Treat your spouse to a gift that is absolutely dripping in opulence and grandeur, without the insane price tag. Our Cullinan M Diamond Decanter is the perfect gift for the 10 Year Wedding Anniversary. The diamond is the gemstone of the 10 year anniversary, so we couldn’t think of a better present to top our list. This decanter is made from thick and lead free glass and holds 900ml of your favorite liquor or wine. The warm oak base adds even more sophistication to this stunning decanter.

Unique 10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Cullinan Diamond Shaped Whiskey Decanter

2. Spinning Globe Whiskey Glass

Your spouse is your world. They keep you steady when things try to knock you off balance. We think that our Spinning Globe Whiskey Glasses are the perfect representation of a successful marriage. The glass used to handcraft them is extremely strong and durable, and each glass is made in a small batch, so they are each a bit unique, just like the two of you. The bottom of these glasses allows the glass to tilt, but never spill, and we think that may just be the perfect metaphor for a healthy marriage.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Spinning Globe Whiskey Glass

3. Glass Diamond Wine Stopper

If your celebration is a bit more on the smaller, more cost-conscious side of things, we think our number 3 pick is perfect for you. Our Glass Diamond Wine Stopper is the perfect way to celebrate the 10th year of marriage without breaking the bank. This stunning wine stopper is made from artisan glass that is carefully handcrafted and meticulously made. They will love their diamond, even if it isn’t on their finger!


10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Diamond Shape Wine Stopper


4. Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

Celebrate your 10th year as a married couple the old-fashioned way, with a good cigar, a choice beverage, and each other. Make the moment even more special with our Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray. This hand-made ashtray is made of exotic Zebrawood and crafted right here in the USA. With this ashtray, you will be sure to turn heads while giving your cigar the perfect and most stunning resting place.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Zebrawood Cigar Ashtray

5.  Prestige Classic Wine Decanter

This classically designed wine decanter is made from strong and durable borosilicate glass. The shape of the decanter is made to bring out the flavors and notes of your favorite wine, to make a special moment even more memorable. Share a bottle of wine using this meticulously designed decanter to enhance your wine drinking experience. This decanter is more than a vessel for your favorite beverage. It is a piece of art, a collectible, a placeholder for many memories to come.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift – Classic Wine Decanter

6. Tin Anniversary Mug

Tin may not be considered the most glamorous material, but it is a symbol of the 10 year wedding anniversary. You may change your mind about tin when you see these adorable Tin Anniversary Mugs. These customizable mugs are perfect for the couple who loves to go on adventures together. These mugs are durable, lightweight, and even dishwasher safe. Your spouse will reminisce on your favorite trips and outings together with every sip.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Tin Anniversary Mug

7. Tomoka Gold Decanter

If you’re looking for a unique and memorable gift to celebrate your 10 Year Wedding Anniversary, look no further than our beautiful Tomoka Gold Decanter. This stunning decanter is made using hand-blown borosilicate glass. This carefully constructed decanter will blow you away with its attention to detail. It's optimally designed to hold 900ml of your favorite drink. The leak-proof stainless steal spigot makes it easy and convenient to access your favorite beverage at any time with the confidence that it will be the perfect sip.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Tomoka Gold Glass Decanter

8. Diamond Glasses

To further celebrate the “diamond” anniversary, we think our number 8 pick will embody the strength and beauty of your marriage. Our Diamond Glasses are meticulously cut and designed from thick and highly durable borosilicate glass, which makes them perfect for daily use or only for special occasions. These glasses are definitely stand-out pieces in any whiskey glass collection. This set of two will make every moment between the two of you extra special.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Diamond Shape Whiskey Glasses

9. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Sometimes the most practical gifts can be the best. Our Whiskey Stones Gift Set is perfect for the whiskey-loving couple. The six stones come beautifully presented in a wooden tray. The extremely dense granite used to make these stones is American granite sourced from the Northeast (USA). The stones will keep your whiskey cold without watering it down. A perfect accessory for couples who enjoy a beverage on the rocks.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Whiskey Stone Gift Set

10. Animal Print Glasses Set

Every couple has a bit of a wild side. Celebrate that wild side with this set of 4 Animal Print Glasses. These glasses are perfect to represent the couple who, in their 10 years of marriage, has always been ready for adventure. The glasses come in 4 separate animal prints, perfect to spice up any regular old cocktail. They are handcrafted and meticulously designed so that you can literally feel the quality with every sip.


10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Animal Print Whiskey Glasses

11. Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder

The Glencairn glass is a classically designed, aroma-enhancing glass used for bourbon and other types of whiskey. For a true bourbon loving couple, this Barrel Stave Glencairn and Cigar Holder is the perfect complement to a relaxing afternoon or evening. The wood used to make this glass and cigar holder is crafted using repurposed barrel staves used previously to age bourbon and wine right here in Kentucky.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Barrel Cigar and Glencairn Holder

12. Wedding Gift Serving Tray

Don’t let the name of the tray fool you, this Wedding Gift Serving Tray makes a wonderful Anniversary Gift. This stunning serving tray is made from acacia wood that has beautiful natural grain markings and is resistant to scratches and liquid. The tray is fully customizable, so the couple’s name and wedding date can be added to further celebrate their 10 years of blissful matrimony.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Personalize Wedding Bar Tray

13. Pythagoras Globe Decanter

In ten years of marriage, you and your spouse have truly created a world together. Celebrate it with our beautiful Pythagoras Globe Decanter. The hand-blown glass decanter is etched meticulously to replicate the look of our beautiful planet. It comes with a choice of wooden bases, including materials such as acacia, oak, and rustic metal. The decanter holds 1000ml of your favorite liquor and keeps it at its absolute best.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - 1000ml Etched Glass Globe Decanter14. Personalized Anchor Bar Tray

Your spouse has kept you grounded for ten years, and will continue to be a constant source of support for the rest of your lives. Celebrate your strong and healthy relationship with our Personalized Anchor Bar Tray. This tray is customizable. Add both of your initials to this beautiful acacia wood tray for a special touch.  The acacia wood used to make this tray is also extremely fast-growing, which means that by making this purchase, you are also supporting renewable forestry.

10 Year Wedding Anniver10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Personalize Anchor Bar Tray10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Personalize Anchor Bar Traysary Gift - Personalize Anchor Bar Tray

15. 10 Year Anniversary Metal Date Dice

Spice up your date night with these adorable 10 Year Anniversary Metal Date Dice. These dice are made from tin, to represent your 10th year wedding anniversary. Each die has a different suggestion for a date night activity. Roll one die for a short date and two dice for a longer date, meaning that there are 36 different date night options in total! Make date night even more spontaneous and exciting!

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Metal Date Dice

16. Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger

Celebrate 10 years with a lovely and velvety glass of wine. You’ll certainly be drinking in style while using our Barrel Stave Wine Glass Hanger. This hanger is made using reclaimed barrel stave wood from distilleries and wineries local to the Kentucky area. Because they are made from recycled wood, each hanger is completely unique, just like your love for each other. The stave holds four glasses and has a space for a bottle of your favorite wine.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Barrel Wine Glass Hanger

17. Star Chart Whiskey Glass

Celebrate your stars, your sun and moon, the center of your universe, with these breathtaking Star Chart Whiskey Glasses. Each glass in the set features a map of real constellations and stars is etched onto it in beautiful gold. These glasses will certainly be a conversation piece and will showcase the unique style of whoever owns them. Have the galaxy right in the palm of your hands with these handcrafted whiskey glasses.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Star Chart Whiskey Glass


18. Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

This high-end ashtray is made from the most exotic Bubinga wood with a Cabochon Stone to mark the center. The ashtray comes with two grooves for your high-end cigars to rest in style. This is a great anniversary gift that is not only practical, but beautiful. This ashtray also acts as a classically designed, simplistic centerpiece that will be the topic over whoever lays their eyes on it.

10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Bubinga Cigar Ashtray

19. Magellan's Victoria Decanter

Celebrate the “smooth sailing” of your 10 years of marriage with our Magellan’s Victoria Decanter. This beautiful decanter features a delicate, but no less impressive, glass ship inside of the rounded decanter. The decanter itself holds 1000ml of your favorite beverage in its glorious vessel. The wooden base comes in several different styles including acacia wood, oak, and metal. Add a stainless steel applique with loving words to personalize this gift even further.


10 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift - Magellan’s Victoria Decanter

Cheers to 10 years! Take the time to celebrate 10 years of a happy and successful marriage. With this list of 19 10 Year Anniversary gifts, you’ll find the perfect keepsake to have to remember this special occasion for as long as you both shall live. Which gift sums up you as a couple the most?