1. 5 Absinthe Cocktails to Break the Taboo

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    Absinthe Cocktails

    The taboo surrounding absinthe is real.

    That’s why we’re here to tell you: Don’t be afraid. Not only is absinthe’s herbaceous and floral palette refreshing--its versatility in cocktails is unmatched.

    So, to that end, we’ve brought together five absinthe cocktails you should try so you can break the taboo without fear.


    What is absinthe?

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  2. How to Craft the Perfect Old Fashioned

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    perfect old fashioned cocktail

    The perfect Old Fashioned can be an elusive thing to find in your local corner bar, and even in some of the most upscale establishments in the country. It’s not as simple as pouring some bourbon and sugar in a glass with an orange slice. But people often treat it that way. So, how DO you craft the perfect Old Fashioned?

    First and foremost, to craft the perfect Old Fashioned, you must start w

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  3. 5 Fall Inspired Cocktails! 

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    Fall Inspired or Halloween  Cocktails

    Here are five fall-inspired cocktails recipes to break you out of your summer rut.

    Spice it up!

    What could be better on a fall day than a Dark and Stormy fall cocktail with spiced rum?

    The classic Dark and Stormy is a 2:3 ratio of rum to ginger beer, in a tall glass over ice with a lime squeeze. To spice it up, trade out your rum for one of the spiced varieties like Kraken

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  4. Mulled Wine and Hot Cocktails

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    Mulled Wine and Hot Cocktails

    Mulled wine and hot cocktails are winter home bar essentials. Remember winter when you were a kid? Every snowstorm was a potential day off from school. Weekends meant building snowmen, snowball fights, sledding, and cozy nights on the couch, looking at the Toys R Us catalog. Recapturing the magic of the holiday season is hard to do as an adult. Winter doesn’t exactly make us giddy anymore. Without t

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  5. Why Have a National Rum Punch Day?

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    Why have a National Rum Punch Day

    Unlike National Bourbon Heritage Month, there’s no congressional decree that makes September 20th Rum Punch Day. The specific history of the holiday is a little thin. It just appeared in a world that needed it.

    Why do we need a Rum Punch Day? Because rum punch belongs in a broader taxonomy of Tiki c

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  6. Ultimate Guide: Hot Toddy

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    Hot Toddy Recipes Ultimate guide

    Looking for the ultimate guide for a perfect Hot Toddy?

    Well you’re in luck! Today I will give you a few of the best Hot Toddy recipes and some whiskeys to try next time you make one.

    The Hot Toddy is a classic Fall/Winter cocktail. Whether you’re getting together with family or friends for a holiday party. Or kicking back under the stars. The Hot Toddy is the “soul food” of the coc

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  7. Japanese Whisky: Everything You Need to Know

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    Best Japanese whisky

    Japanese Whisky 101

    On a mission to discover the best Japanese whisky around?

    Same here!

    Today, we will dive down the rabbit hole and recommend a few of our favorite bottles.

    If you are new, our best advice is to try these, of course, but keep on looking and tasting and experiencing. Whiskey is a lifestyle, not a treasure hunt. The journey doesn't end just because you

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  8. Best Whiskey For Hot Toddy Lovely Drinks

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    Best Whiskey For Hot Toddy Lovely Drinks

    You need the best whiskey for hot toddy drinks, and here’s why. Fall and winter are upon us. And the hot toddy may just be the official comforting, feel-better cocktail. It warms you from the inside out. It’s a bear hug. It’s a shoulder to lean on. It’ll rock you to sleep, baby.

    Next time you’re picking up whiske

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  9. Easy Vodka Cocktails For National Vodka Day

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    Easy Vodka Cocktails for National Vodka Day

    Easy vodka cocktails, you say? Vodka is so versatile. Dress it up, down, this way and that. Sweet, heat, shaken or stirred. It’s perfect for an elegant affair or a laid-back Saturday afternoon in the hammock. It’s a classic, no doubt.

    celebrating National Vodka Day with these six inspiring classic cocktails. You

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  10. Best Inexpensive Whiskey + Cheap Cocktails

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    Best Inexpensive Whiskey + Cheap Cocktails

    Out to find the best inexpensive whiskey? You’re in luck. We’ve got several for you to think about as you make your decisions.  You’ll find a ton of extra picks on our blog, to boot. Keep reading for more suggestions about where to discover more. The possibilities are overwhelming--in the best of ways!

    Let’s narrow it down, s

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